How do I set up Out­look 2019 and 365?

Find out how to set up Outlook 2019 and Outlook 365 Cloud here.

What is the name of the HNI mail serv­er?

Employees of the Heinz Nixdorf Institute work with the IMT's Exchange server. Information on configuring Outlook can be found on this website under the heading "How do I set up Outlook 20xx?". External access (home office, travelling, etc.) can be obtained via Online Web Access (OWA) at the following address by entering the domain "AD" and your user name ("AD\<username>"):



Students use the IMT mail service. The server via which the mails can be retrieved is called mail.uni-paderborn University.de. Both POP/S and IMAP/S protocols are available. Like the Exchange server, this mail service can be accessed online as follows:


Which user name and pass­word do I need?

To retrieve and send e-mails via the IMT server (mail.uni-paderborn University.de), an IMT login and the corresponding password are required. The HNI login is not valid for this.

For the Exchange server (https://ex.uni-apderborn.de/owa), the domain "AD" and the user name must be specified as follows


Where can I find more in­form­a­tion about the e-mail ser­vice?

Further information on the e-mail service can be found on the IMT website.

What is my e-mail ad­dress?

The e-mail address in the HNI is


or also


Alternatively, instead of the login, the form


can be chosen instead of the login.

How can I for­ward my e-mails to an­oth­er ad­dress?

Students can set up forwarding in the IMT service portal under the menu item "Email settings / Email forwarding".

Employees receive their emails via the Exchange server and cannot set up forwarding.