MA - Wing case study

Within the course "Case Studies in Engineering", practical problems are worked on on the basis of case studies. In this way, students learn how to approach complex challenges in their future professional lives. The case studies come from different domains and provide an insight into interdisciplinary, complex issues.

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Module number Rotation Target group Module name Scope Language
M.104.6120 every summer term Master Case Studies WING V1 / Ü2 German



  • Methods from development methodology
  • Methods from innovation and development management
  • Methods from industrial production
  • Digital tools for the aforementioned methods (e.g. systems engineering, PLM, ERP)
  • Real or realistic case studies from the context of current industrial projects
  • Development, evaluation and presentation of alternative solutions
  • Reflection on the analysis and application processes



Industrial engineers should be able to analyse problems and select methods to solve complex challenges. In doing so, they must take into account both technical and business aspects and combine the different fundamentals in a task-related manner. In addition to specialised skills, social skills are also acquired, e.g. by considering ethical and legal constraints. Alternative solutions must be worked out, presented and defended. As part of "Engineering Case Studies", participants are confronted with case studies from industry, for which they set up teams with suitable skills and develop solutions. In doing so, they demonstrate their ability to analyse and solve problems; they contribute their knowledge of technical and methodological principles and demonstrate their ability to reflect on and apply these. They also enjoy working in a team and have convincing presentation skills.