BA - Industrial Production

(Industrial) engineers see themselves in the company as problem solvers who solve tasks economically by applying technological principles. In addition to the basics, it is therefore important to understand the interrelationships in a manufacturing company. The starting point for the course is therefore questions such as:


"What is the purpose of the company?",

"How are products developed and produced?" and

"How is money earned with the products?"

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M.104.1223 /
Summer semester
Bachelor Work and
Company organisation
V2 / Ü1 German



  • Corporate functions
  • Product development process
  • Strategic planning
  • Product development
  • Order processing
  • Work planning
  • Purchasing
  • production
  • Quality management (QM)
  • Sales and distribution
  • Controlling
  • Maintenance



Participants in the Industrial Production course understand how industrial production companies work. They will be able to explain the product creation process and describe the roles played by the functions of product planning, development/design, work planning and control, sales, purchasing, production/assembly. They can explain the associated information flows and organisational and management concepts. Using example scenarios, students outline the structures and processes of an industrial production company and apply concepts for the organisation, planning and control of product development and production. Students understand the functioning of industrial manufacturing companies and are able to categorise the typical engineering tasks in an industrial company in the overall context of product development.