BA - Project Seminar Innovation and Development Management

In the "Innovation and Development Management" project seminar, students experience the lecture content in practice. The seminar takes place every semester.

As part of the course, practical tasks from industrial partners are worked on. Work is carried out in small groups of a maximum of five students. The students are intensively supervised by members of the department.

The task takes one week to complete. The results are presented to the industrial partners at the end. The seminar week is divided into the following steps in accordance with VDI guideline 2221:


Ex­amples of top­ics:

  • Identification of solution principles for increasing the blasting angle of a blasting system
  • Development of innovative handling concepts to increase efficiency in automated injection moulding production
  • Development of a concept for removing protective films from stainless steel components

Fre­quently Asked Ques­tions (FAQ):

Is the number of participants limited?

The number of participants is limited to 15 people.


How are the places allocated?

Places are allocated in the order of registration (first come, first serve). The order in which applications are submitted personally (by email) to the staff in charge is decisive.


How do I register?

Registration takes place in two steps. Registration for the event and examination in Paul is mandatory. In addition, a personal registration by e-mail with name and matriculation number to a supervising member of staff is necessary.


Is there an application deadline?

Applications can be sent to the supervising staff member by email on an ongoing basis.


Unfortunately I have not been offered a place. What do I do now?

We have a waiting list. If you didn't get a place in the current semester, you can put your name on the waiting list. This means that you can either move up (if someone cancels) or be sure to get a place next time.


When exactly does the seminar take place?

The seminar takes place every semester during the lecture period. The exact week will be announced in advance.


How long does the seminar take?

The seminar lasts one week. During this time, we will provide you with an office at the HNI. In addition, there will be a preliminary meeting the week before.


Where can I find further information about the event?

In Paul or here.