MA - Applied Production Engineering

The course deals with current projects in production and automation technology using examples of mechatronic products. An Industry 4.0 laboratory environment with machining production, 3D printing, robotics, material flow system and manual assembly line is available for this purpose. After an initial phase, students understand the necessary practical basics and can explain these using examples. Participants will then apply the knowledge they have learnt in a practical task within current research problems. In addition to the expertise developed in this way, participants will gain practical experience in speaking and presentation techniques as well as group work.

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Module number Rotation Target group Module name Scope Language
M.104.7302 Every
Summer term
Master Applied
Production Management




  • NC programming
  • Production planning and control
  • Robot technology
  • Control programming
  • Production system development
  • Machine design
  • Process simulation



Students are able to identify, analyse, process and solve cross-thematic issues in the field of manufacturing technology/production engineering in a structured manner. Furthermore, students learn to work together in an interdisciplinary team, to organise themselves independently and to characterise, evaluate and implement the solutions developed. Competences are acquired in particular in the field of carrying out experiments and subsequent metrological evaluation. Furthermore, students are able to present and argue the solutions and results they have developed.