MA - Product Creation 1 & 2

The market success of innovative products is based on excellence in product creation. Product creation includes strategic product planning, innovation management, product development, production preparation and end-to-end IT support, digital and virtual engineering. The product creation process therefore ranges from strategic business field planning to market entry and is becoming increasingly important, particularly in light of the ongoing digital transformation.
The value system, design principles, methods and tools are presented and applied on the basis of a product development system in order to sustainably increase effectiveness and efficiency in multidisciplinary product development. This enables students to analyse product creation processes in different sectors with regard to potential for improvement and to develop concepts for reorganisation on this basis. The product creation module provides an in-depth insight into the product creation process. The first part focusses on the development of strategies and business models and the second part on development management.

In­form­a­tion on

Module number Rotation Target group Module name Scope Language
M.104.7222 every winter semester (PE 1) /
every summer semester (PE 2)
Master Product development V2 / Ü1


As­so­ci­ated courses

Product Creation 1 (PE 1)
Product Creation 2 (PE 2)


Product creation 1

  • Product Engineering System (PES)
  • Generic approaches of market and stakeholder analysis
  • Theory of innovation and diffusion, creativity techniques
  • Methods of foresight
  • Approaches to strategy development
  • Business model design
  • Integrated product development
  • Development methodologies (VDI 2221, VDI 2206, MVM, IPEM)


Product development 2

  • Integrated product development (continued)
  • Development methodologies (VDI 2221, VDI 2206, MVM, IPEM) (continued)
  • Agile development (continued)
  • Development of intelligent technical systems
  • Model-based product development and systems engineering
  • Design for X
  • Methods of requirements management
  • Mastering complexity with the DSM approach
  • Target cost calculation, cost accounting and business planning
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Smart Automation Lab
  • Decentralised order management and working environments Industry 4.0
  • Value management and change management
  • Product data management
  • Virtual and augmented engineering



Product Creation 1

After completing the PE 1 course, students are able to evaluate markets using generic models. Students are familiar with the theoretical framework of innovation and are able to apply this to new content. Students are able to independently apply creativity techniques and methods of foresight. Students will be able to differentiate and analyse existing company strategies. Depending on the application criteria, they select suitable methods and procedures for product development and apply these to engineering problems.


Product Engineering 2

The PE 2 course enables students to apply selected methods and procedures of product development to new situations. Students are familiar with approaches to Design for X and complexity management and are able to apply these. Students work independently on development projects based on integrated approaches such as model-based product creation and integrated product development and calculate the associated target costs. They are familiar with current approaches to effective and efficient production, such as lean manufacturing and digitalisation, and apply these. They will also gain an overview of associated applications for data management, virtualisation and augmentation.