Realisation and production management

We support the implementation of Industry 4.0 by concretising and designing communication networks, adaptivity and configurability as well as task profiles for future direct employees.

The focus of realisation and production management for tangible products is the manufacture of the product that can be delivered to the customer and for intangible assets the preparation of operator models for product use. This includes, for example, the provision and design of digital and networked systems and their services. Application tools and user software are developed for the services offered during product utilisation.

Production management is undergoing considerable change, particularly as a result of Industry 4.0. With our tools and methods, we are helping to shape this change towards networked and automated production. We optimise the interface between production and development by expanding development methods and implementing tools for digital production system planning and automated production planning and control. In doing so, we manage to increase the flexibility of production systems through the application of intelligent algorithms without any loss of production.

In our courses, we convey the latest research in production and automation technology, production system design, planning and control and digital product development. We use our Smart Automation Lab for this purpose and work closely with our industrial partners. We equip students with the tools they need for the digital transformation by teaching the basics in a practice-oriented way and involving them in current research topics.