Doctorate in the product development work group

While working as a research assistant in the Product Development department, you will take on responsibility in industrial and research projects as well as university teaching. Your work at the chair will be based on a structured qualification plan.

The aim is to continuously build up specialised knowledge with a high degree of practical relevance and to develop project management skills (both personal and team-based) and leadership skills. The qualification plan is the basis for a varied and challenging job in a young, dynamic team. The participative management style leaves enough room for the development of your own scientific ideas.

The work in our work group develops the profile of engineers in the field of product creation. The aim is to obtain a doctorate in one of the four subject areas of product development.

The interplay between industrial and research projects ensures a high level of practical relevance. Selected results from research projects are transferred into practice and validated there. At the same time, the diverse industrial projects provide new questions for further scientific work. This balanced mix ensures that sophisticated research and high practical relevance reinforce each other. The following applies to all theoretical and practical issues: a doctorate in the Product Development department trains engineers with strong problem-solving skills and a high level of practical relevance!

Project work is carried out with an experienced scientist as a "sparring partner" at the beginning of the programme. In this way, new employees quickly develop the ability to work independently on projects. An initial research proposal lays the foundation for the development of your own doctoral project and the central questions. The structure of the doctoral project lays down the guidelines for the development of the doctoral project. The interdisciplinary project environment and the creative environment leave room for the development of individual approaches and ideas. An open team culture and a participative management style provide further important stimuli for further scientific development.


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Prof. Dr. Iris Gräßler

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