MA - Digital Factory Project Lab

A key feature of innovative production systems is end-to-end digitalisation. Production characteristics can be simulated in order to plan and implement process improvements during development or operation. The shape, structure and behaviour of products are specified in the form of digital models during product development. This data is to be used in production both in simulation and in the programming and configuration of production systems. An exemplary approach of the digital factory is to map all elements of a factory in digital models and databases - so-called "digital twins" - in order to be able to work in parallel with the real plant and the digital image. The basics of information technology are applied directly to mechanical engineering challenges.

In­form­a­tion on

Module number Rotation Target group Module name Scope Language
M.104.7706 Project Lab Digital Factory A
Project Lab Digital Factory B
Master Project Lab
Digital Factory
P3 German


As­so­ci­ated courses

Digital Factory A project lab
Digital Factory B project lab


Digital Factory Project Lab A

  • A-1. recording the requirements
  • A-2. analysis of the requirements and modelling of the current situation
  • A-3. development of rough concepts for solution variants
  • A-4. Presentation of the results

Digital Factory Project Lab B

  • B-1. Development of simulation models and analysis of solution variants
  • B-2. technical and economic evaluation of the solution variants
  • B-3. Elaboration of selected solution variants
  • B-4 Presentation of the results


The project lab offers the opportunity to gain practical experience with the digital factory. Participants have played a key role in the development, implementation and optimisation of an automated production or assembly facility. They are familiar with the tools and their possibilities; they know the operating equipment and can program and optimise production and handling equipment. They have also used methods of requirements and project management and experienced teamwork under time pressure. They
have presented their results using speech and presentation techniques.