BA - Development Methodology



The course covers the development of technical products and systems (VDI guideline 2221) and the development of mechatronic and cyber-physical systems (VDI guideline 2206). Certain phases in the development process - requirements elicitation, system architecture & design, implementation of system elements and property validation - are considered in detail. Practical approaches that support development, such as agile development and systems engineering, are also presented.


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Module number Rotation Target group Module name Scope Language
M.104.4255 Every
Winter term
Bachelor Methods and tools
in product development
V2 / Ü1 German



  • Challenges in product development
  • Trends in product development
  • Development methodology VDI 2221
  • Development methodology VDI 2206
  • Value analysis
  • Methods and procedures for mastering complexity in the context of mass customisation
  • Outlook: Simultaneous engineering and systems engineering
  • Agile system development


Students are able to recognise problems in development processes and structures, search for solutions, develop and select alternatives. Using criteria, they compare the development methods presented and justify the selection of a suitable approach.