Next-generation nanoelectronics and nanophotonics

We research the design of integrated digital, analogue and photonic systems. We are particularly interested in the realisation of electronic-photonic integrated circuits (EPIC). The joint realisation of electronic and photonic circuits in one chip or in a hybrid multi-chip system can often significantly exceed the properties of conventional purely electronic or purely photonic systems. The applications of electronic-photonic circuits include wireless and wired communication, special processors, radar, lidar, measurement technology and photonic quantum signal processing.

We design both electronic and photonic chips and use the chips we produce to develop new systems whose properties we measure electronically and optically in our laboratories. Our research work is "fabless", i.e. we co-operate with academic partners and leading chip manufacturers to produce our chips. Through our partners we have access to state-of-the-art CMOS technologies, silicon-germanium BiCMOS technologies, as well as silicon photonics, silicon nitride and thin-film lithium niobate technologies.


Our research activities and projects are organised into subgroups with respective group leaders:

Photonic Quantum Circuits (Prof. Dr. J. Christoph Scheytt)

Digital / Mixed-Signal Designs (apl. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Müller)

mm-Wave/THz Electronic-Photonic ICs (Stephan Kruse)

Electronic-Photonic Metrology (Meysam Bahmanian)

Broadband Electronic-Photonic ICs (Christian Kress)