Sci­entif­ic fund­ing

The majority of our research projects are funded by public funding organisations.

Our cur­rent DFG pro­jects:

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Technically Enabled Explaining of Speaker Traits

The speech signal is a rich source of informa­tion that conveys linguistic but also what is termed para- or extralinguistic content, revea­ling a speaker’s identity, gender, emotional or cognitive state, age, and health. These traits have been the subject of many investigations in phonetics, but due to the high complexity of the underlying ...

Duration: 01/2021 - 12/2025

Funded by: DFG

For 2863 - Ultrawideband Sampling

The metrology of wireless communication has to properly represent the complex interaction of the digital and analog signal domains. The high bandwidth at THz frequencies allows for extreme radio frequency (RF) bandwidth and hence also very large baseband bandwidth. In the baseband the broadband analog signals are digitized by broadband ...

Duration: 08/2019 - 12/2024

Funded by: DFG

FOR 2863 - Active THz Transceiver Components

Compared to radios operating at purely optical wavelengths or RF/microwave frequencies, the combination of extremely high absolute bandwidths and high relative bandwidths in the THz frequency regime, paired with the severe performance limitations of technologies operating in the so-called "THz-gap", imposes unique challenges on modern digital ...

Duration: 08/2019 - 12/2024

Funded by: DFG

Our cur­rent BMBF pro­jects:

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Scale4Edge: Scalable infrastructure for edge computing

Scale4Edge is a joint project funded by the BMBF (Federal Ministry of Education and Research), which aims to significantly reduce the currently relatively long development times and high development costs of application-specific edge components (platform concept). The approach pursued in the project is based on providing a commercial ecosystem for ...

Duration: 05/2020 - 12/2025

Funded by: BMBF

Contact: apl. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Müller

Data-driven methods in control engineering

The goal of the junior research group "Data-Driven Methods in Control Engineering" is to explore the synergetic combination of model- and data-driven methods for control engineering tasks. For this purpose, model-driven methods are combined with machine learning to obtain hybrid methods and to achieve the highest possible performance in control ...

Duration: 01/2020 - 12/2024

Funded by: BMBF

Our cur­rent BM­WK pro­jects:

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RadiOptics - EXIST Business Start-up Grant: RadiOptics

The goal of the RadiOptics project is to commercialize the next generation of microwave signal generators using a mode-locked laser (MLL). MLLs can generate a low-noise optical reference clock which have better precision in time unit measurement by orders of magnitude. The optical pulses of MLLs, however, cannot simply be used in a conventional ...

Duration: 06/2023 - 11/2024

Funded by: EU, BMWK, ESF

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TuWAs - Transformation hub for forming value chains in the powertrain

As a result of decisive factors such as the mobility revolution, the sustainability movement, advancing digitalization and dynamic changes in the working landscape, players in the automotive industry are facing drastic transformation processes. The transition to electromobility in particular poses fundamental challenges for suppliers of forming ...

Duration: 11/2022 - 06/2025

Funded by: BMWK

Contact: Dr. Christian Koldewey

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Transformation hub for improved, more sustainable use of automobiles through digital services and digital business models

Um die zukünftige Wettbewerbsfähigkeit der deutschen Automobilindustrie geht es in dem im September 2022 gestarteten Forschungsprojekt „DiSerHub“. Mit einem nachhaltigen Transformationskonzept sowie gezieltem Wissenstransfer innerhalb eines digitalen Hubs wollen fünf Projektpartner dieses Ziel erreichen und haben sich dazu in einem bundesweit ...

Duration: 08/2022 - 06/2025

Funded by: BMWK

Contact: Dr. Christoph Weskamp, M.Sc. Christopher Lüke, M.Sc. Tobias Hardes

Our cur­rent MKW.NRW pro­jects:

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SAIL: SustAInable Life-cycle of Intelligent Socio-Technical Systems

Current systems that incorporate AI technology mainly target the introduction phase, where a core component is training and adaptation of AI models based on given example data. SAIL’s focus on the full life-cycle moves the current emphasis towards sustainable long-term development in real life. The joint project SAIL addresses both basic research ...

Duration: 08/2022 - 07/2026

Funded by: MKW NRW

PhoQC: Photonic Quantum Computing

Photonic Quantum Computing (PhoQC): The aim is to research the fundamentals for the realization of photonic quantum computers. For this purpose, an internationally leading research center is to be created at the University of Paderborn in perspective, in which the fields of physics, mathematics, engineering sciences, computer science and electrical ...

Duration: 11/2021 - 12/2024

Funded by: MKW NRW, EIN Quantum NRW

Explainable Feature Importance: Interpretable machine learning through game theoretic analysis of influence variables and interaction effects

Machine learning (ML) methods support the search for patterns in data and relationships between variables, e.g. in complex bio-medical systems. In this way, they can provide new insights and improve decisions in fields of action such as medical diagnostics. In addition to the quality of the models learned from the data, the trust of human experts ...

Duration: 01/2021 - 12/2024

Funded by: MKW NRW

Our cur­rent MWIKE.NRW pro­jects:

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Vitamine 5G - Realitätsnahe Umgebung für Additive Fertigung, ermöglicht durch 5G

In the joint project, scientists from the Heinz Nixdorf Institute are working in a research consortium of university partners and IT partners on novel forms of interaction for controlling and monitoring manufacturing processes that are difficult to access by transferring them to virtual reality. The transmission of data is made possible for the ...

Duration: 07/2022 - 05/2024

Funded by: MWIKE NRW

FastGate - Autonomy on the airport apron

The aviation industry faces a challenging task in light of the pressing need for decarbonization. With increasing awareness of the impact of aviation on the environment, it has become imperative to find innovative solutions to reduce CO2 emissions and minimize noise levels. One of the key challenges lies in optimizing overall flight operations, ...

Duration: 06/2022 - 05/2025

Funded by: MWIKE NRW

Our cur­rent pro­jects of the Karl Vossloh Found­a­tion:

Traffic Control for MixedAutonomy Systems

Automated driving in combination with Car2X communication opens up promising possibilities for future traffic systems. The cooperative use of shared real-time information enables a significant increase in the efficiency of today's traffic infra¬structure. With this goal in mind, the project aims to use new technologies from the field of traffic ...

Duration: 01/2021 - 12/2024

Funded by: Karl-Vossloh-Stiftung