Module information (SWTPra)

  • Course number: L.079.05300
  • For computer scientists, business computer scientists & engineering computer scientists (computer science):

Prerequisites for the software engineering internship

Only students on the Computer Science, Business Informatics and Engineering Informatics degree programmes specialising in Computer Science may take part in the software engineering internship. The following modules must be successfully completed in order to participate:

Registration for SWTPra 2023 / 2024

All those who would like to take part in SWTPra in WS 2023/2024 must register for the event via PAUL. The second registration phase begins on 02.10.2023 and ends on 12.10.2023.

In PAUL, each participant must register for a small group in addition to the event, in which the tasks of the internship will be worked on. The organisers reserve the right to make changes in cases where it is not possible to form complete groups or to merge groups if the number of participants in a small group is too low.

In addition, each participant must register for the examination (study/internship performance and written examination) during the registration phase: 23.10.2023 - 23.11.2023

Please note that the SWTPra consists of several partial examinations (see examination conditions), including the written examination. Registration for the SWTPra exam also includes registration for the SWTPra written exam!

Examination conditions

  • Only students who fulfil all of the above requirements can take part in the SWTPra. These are ensured when registering for the examination and are not relevant when registering for the course.
  • In contrast to most other courses, the entire SWTPra is an examination consisting of several partial performances (submission documents, collaboration, written examination, etc.). To pass the SWTPra, all partial performances must be graded at least "sufficient".
  • In theevent of poor performance during the SWTPra, the organiser may conduct an intermediate examination at any time, even during the semester. Failure to pass this examination immediately results in failure of the SWTPra.
  • At the end of the semester there is a written exam, which must be passed in order to pass the course.
  • In contrast to many other courses, attendance is compulsory for the group sessions and all special events of the software technology practical course (presentations, tournaments, etc.). If someone is absent more than 2 times without excuse (i.e. without a medical certificate), or if they are absent or arrive late for more than 180 minutes in total, the SWTPra is deemed to have been failed!