Systems Engineering

Key Facts:

Type: Lecture with exercise

Language: German

Cycle: Annually in the winter semester

Study programme: Bachelor

Target group: Computer science, business informatics and computer engineering students

Aim of course:
The aim of the lecture is to provide a comprehensive overview of the challenges and applications of systems engineering. Theoretical principles and concepts are introduced and exemplary practical applications are presented. The acquired knowledge is deepened and implemented in the exercises.

Target group:
The target group for this course is primarily students in the Bachelor of Computer Science and Business Informatics programmes. However, students on Bachelor's degree programmes in Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Industrial Engineering are also invited to register for the lecture.

Due to the technical change from mechatronic to intelligent technical systems (ITS), companies and development teams are facing many challenges. The increase in complexity and networking of systems (products) is essential. Existing approaches in product development cannot cover this efficiently and effectively. Systems engineering is a promising approach to solving these challenges.


Dates and registration deadlines:
Please refer to the campus management system PAUL for dates and registration deadlines.


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Advanced Systems Engineering / Heinz Nixdorf Institut

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