From the ini­tial idea to mar­ket entry

With the reference model for the strategic planning of market services, the authors provide systematic orientation for all those who are shaping the business of tomorrow, which is characterised by digitalisation. The authors describe four central fields of action, according to which the book is organised:

  1. Identifying potential, i.e. recognising the future potential for success, but also the threats to today's business
  2. Product identification, i.e. finding and realising promising ideas for new products and product-related services
  3. Business planning, i.e. developing business strategies, product strategies, business models and business plans
  4. Designing products, services and production systems in the sense of systems engineering.

The book contains a wealth of guidelines, methods and practical examples; it promotes integrative thinking and action by all those involved, from the initial business idea to market entry.

The book is particularly useful for those who need to strategically plan and clearly specify an innovative product in times of digitalisation before it is implemented. It is a must-read for experts in strategic product planning and marketing as well as for technicians from development and production who want to participate on an equal footing in planning the market success of tomorrow."

Dr Stefan Breit, Managing Director, Miele & Cie. KG

"The book covers all areas of action on the way to successful market performance - from foresight and business planning to systems engineering. It impresses with its systematic approach and high practical orientation."

Dr Johannes Bußmann, Chairman of the Executive Board, Lufthansa Technik AG

"The comprehensive, clearly structured compendium on innovation management leaves nothing to be desired. In particular, the differentiation between products, services and business models gives the book an interesting, innovative character. This book is a must-read for anyone involved in innovation."

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Klaus Backhaus, Senior Professor and Director of the IAS, WWU Münster

The au­thors

Jürgen Gausemeier is the founder of the Paderborn School of Strategic Product Planning.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Roman Dumitrescu teaches Advanced Systems Engineering at Paderborn University.

Julian Echterfeld is doing his doctorate under Prof Gausemeier.

Tomas Pfänder and Dr Frank Thielemann are board members of the consulting firm UNITY AG.

Dr Daniel Steffen is a partner at UNITY AG.