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Strategic Planning and Innovation Management

Catalysts for Strategic Planning and Foresight are customer needs in existing markets (Market Pull), the creation of new markets (Blue Ocean Strategy) and groundbreaking new technologies (Technology Push). As part of Strategic Planning, we derive a mission and strategy from the companies‘ vision. Based on this strategy, we define search fields and identify promising product ideas within Innovation  Management.

Aim of our research work in the field of Strategic Planning is to enable users to autonomously derive future scenarios. Based on these scenarios, digital business models are voloped. For the evaluation of market and technology developments, scenario-technique is used as an exemplary tool. We donot only apply scenario-technique as an instrument but also subject it to further developments. Specific tasks for our research are improvements to the applicability of the method and transparency of results. Furthermore, Artificial Intelligence and mathematical description reduce errors, based on heuristic aspects of the method.

Our definition of innovation includes not only material core products, but also services. Apart from the design and analysis of innvovation processes, we develop methods and metrics for generating promising product ideas in times of the Digital Transformation. Alligned with a given strategy, product innovations are created within the beforehand defined search fields. In combination with tools and methods for Strategic Planning, we create the basis for long-term success, even in volatile enviroments.