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System and Circuit Technology

Next Generation Nano-/Microelectronics

Modern nano- and microelectronic technologies allow the combination of complex digital circuits, analogue circuits, and novel devices on a single chip. We conduct research for a new generation of extremely energy efficient intelligent systems in which microchips communicate with high speed and perceive their environment by sensors with an ever-higher precision.

The “System and Circuit Technology” workgroup conducts research in the area of integrated nano-/microelectronic circuits for communication and sensors and is headed by Prof. J. Christoph Scheytt und Dr. Wolfgang Müller. The main research topics are:

Integrated analog, high-frequency and photonic circuits

  • Integrated circuits for high data rate wireline communication
  • High and ultra-uigh frequency wireless chips for communication and sensor technology
  • Integrated electronic-photonic circuits and systems in silicon photonic technology
  • Design of integrated multi-functional systems

Integrated digital and mixed-signal circuits

  • Virtual prototypes and embedded systems
  • Description and simulation of digital and mixed-signal systems
  • FPGA and standard cell based circuit design
  • RISC-V based special processors