Project groups


Project groups will be formed as teams to work on tasks where the relevant subjects are embedded in the scientific environment of the institute and its versatile, close cooperations with enterprises and industries. The intercommunication between the institute and renowned companies opens up numerous and attractive tasks for project works and serves to underline the relevance for the professional field and the employment market, and to support the acquisition of interdisciplinary competences..

Learning outcomes and competences:

In the course of the project work students should practice independent, scientific and engineering processing of clearly defined theoretical and practical tasks within the team. This should enable them  to solve complex problems as a team, while at the same time acquiring the capability for independent working as well as organizational skills. The students should also learn to formulate the research task, document the methods and analysis and present the findings of their work in a structured manner. Having completed the project work, the students will command in-depth technical competences in a selected area and understand the application relevance of their course contents.

Current projects:

In winter semester 23/24 the following projects are offered: Projects_WS2324