Software engineering "Secure by Design"

Following the principle of security and privacy by design, the "Secure Software Engineering" workgroup thrives to support software developers in designing and implementing software systems that are known upfront to be secure with respect to certain attack vectors. Opposed to offensive approaches to software security, like ethical hacking, our group specializes on constructive techniques for software security. Our recipe to success is a unique novel combination of program synthesis and analysis techniques.

In our workgroup, we develop languages, mechanisms, processes and tools that allow software developers to clearly state security requirements and, if possible, synthesize partial implementations that achieve or help achieve these requirements. In cases where automated synthesis is impossible, and a programmer hence needs to implement security features by hand, we use automated program analyses to assist the programmer in deciding whether the implementation indeed fulfills the stated security requirements.

Vacancies in the workgroup

Post-doc employee (f/m/d)

Collaboration with doctoral students with regard to their doctorate | Further development of own research and teaching as well as that of the department with a teaching obligation of usually 4 SWS | Collaboration in the design and formulation of scientific funding applications | 3-year fixed-term contract | Pay grade 14 TV-L

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Research assistant (f/m/d)

Collaboration in research and teaching (usually 4 SWS) in the field of Secure Software Engineering | Collaboration in externally funded research projects of the department | Organisation of courses of the department | Pay group 13 TV-L | 3 years fixed-term contract

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„Software has been the Achilles heel of IT security for years. The vast majority of attacks actually exploit quite trivial vulnerabilities in application software. Companies that produce software need to systematically rethink their approach and develop this software securely from the ground up.”

Prof. Dr. Eric Bodden,
Head of the "Secure Software Engineering" workgroup at the Heinz Nixdorf Institute at Paderborn University from Paderborn

News from the workgroup


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We research, develop and evaluate methods and tools to design secure software systems from the ground up. In many software development processes currently in use, the security of software systems is unfortunately still treated as secondary. As a result, security aspects are often considered too late.

Research topics


We are intensively involved in the teaching and training of students and young academics such as doctoral candidates, post-doctoral candidates and junior professors with the aim of providing them with the skills they need to shape the future.



We can provide companies with significant impetus for innovation and for maintaining their competitiveness. There are many approaches to this. They range from the placement of graduates through collaborative projects to contract developments, which we generally carry out via our spin-offs.

Project overview

„Even as a child, I was interested in everything that had to do with technology. During my computer science studies, I specialised in security, because software is used everywhere, but is also full of security vulnerabilities. For the past 20 years, water polo has given me a break from my desk.”

Martin Mory,
Scientists from the "Secure Software Engineering" workgroup at the Heinz Nixdorf Institute at Paderborn University from Paderborn

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