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Control Engineering and Mechatronics

Design, Control, and Optimisation of Intelligent Mechatronic Systems

Model-based design is an essential technology in the development of mechatronic systems. The specification of components such as actuators and sensors as well as controller synthesis and system tests are based on models. The integration of modelling and simulation in the design process is of vital importance in the development of intelligent mechatronic products.

The “Control Engineering and Mechatronics” workgroup conducts interdisciplinary research at the interface between mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and information technology. The design of new active system groups by means of a functional approach includes systematic integration, conception and the operation of distributed processes under real-time conditions.

The model-based design of mechatronic systems provides the basis for a computer-aided layout and an analysis of future products and their features, using a model created at an early design stage. Our aim is to increase the informative value of the models and of product features derived from the model in a way that will make it possible to significantly reduce the number of expensive tests on elaborate prototypes. Models can also be employed successfully in the operating phase e.g. in online diagnosis or condition-based monitoring. After all, models of dynamic behaviour are an indispensable element in the analysis, synthesis and optimisation of controls.