Information about bachelor and master theses.

Lectures Bachelor Mechanical Engineering

Compulsory Modules

  • Principles of Mechatronics and System Theory (Trächtler), summer term
  • Automatic Control (Trächtler), winter term
  • Computer Aided Engineering in Mechatronics: Matlab/Simulink (Sextro/Trächtler), winter term

Specialisation Mechatronics

Basic Module 1: Control, Modeling and Simulation

  • Automatic Control 2 (Trächtler), summer term
  • Modeling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems (Just), summer term

Elective Module: Automation and Digital Control

  • Automation (Henke), summer term
  • Digital Control and Real-Time Simulation (Jäker/Just), summer term

Lectures Master Mechanical Engineering

Basic Module 1: Modern Methods of Automatic Control 1

  • Advanced Control (Trächtler), winter term
  • Nonlinear Control (Trächtler), winter term

Elective Module: Modern Methods of Automatic Control 2

  • Optimal Control (Timmermann), summer term
  • Concepts for Intelligent Control (Timmermann), summer term

Elective Module: Automotive Systems

  • Automotive Mechatronic Systems (Gausemeier), summer term
  • Driver Assistance Systems and Autonomous Driving (Gausemeier), summer term

Elective Module: Mechatronics Production and Order Processing

  • Mechatronics Production (Jürgenhake), summer term
  • Order Processing in Mechatronic Machinery and Plant Engineering (Möhringer), summer term

Elective Module: Application Fields of Automatic Control

  • Robotics (Henke), winter term
  • Hydraulics (Jäker), winter term
  • Model-Based Design an Commissioning of Mechatronic Systems (Just), winter term
  • Control Laboratory (Jäker), winter term

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