Driver Assistance Systems

Development and simulation of cooperative driver assistance systems

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) get entry into automobile series production. They are essential for modern vehicles and increase driving safety as well as comfort.

Moreover the degree of cross-linking and the degree of automation will rise continuously during the next years.

Hereby considerable research potential will arise, especially for the development of ADAS which base on technologies of autonomous driving and cooperative interaction. Therefore the corresponding development tools need to be provided.

The model- and simulation-based development of ADAS is ideally supported by a complete development environment for virtual prototyping. Such an environment was developed as a result of the TRAFFIS project (Test and Training Environment for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

In order to further advance this central idea, we focus our research activities in the field of driver assistance systems in the following main subjects and projects:

For validation, testing and demonstration of our results we operate

Completed projects: