Mechatronics is a discipline that is indispensable for the design of intelligent technical systems and their manufacturing processes: it conveys an integrating approach that ranges from the functional behavior of the entire system to the spatial integration of its assemblies.

Our research group deals with the interdisciplinary modelling of the dynamic behavior as well as with the design of control strategies. Dynamic models describe the explicit knowledge of the system (digital twin) with different levels of detail. They arise during system design and serve as a basis for the computer-aided design of system behavior, for the specification of components such as actuators and sensors, and for a systematic control design. Dynamic models are also applied in the operating phase, e.g. for state or parameter estimation, as virtual sensors or for state prediction.

In the field of control design, we are specialized on the control of nonlinear and coupled multivariable systems, optimal control, model predictive control as well as on methods for observer design. The fields of application include driver assistance systems, robotics and intelligent machinery, supported by our close cooperation to the Fraunhofer Institute for Mechatronic Systems Design.

Our research work is divided into the following subareas: