The following course schedules are non-binding and may change at any time and without prior announcement.

Lecture schedule

Students under the old Prüfungsordnung will only be evaluated on topics covered until the 21.06 (incl.).
Date Lecture topic Lecturer
12.07 Recap Bodden
12.04 Introduction and course outline Nguyen
19.04 Intra-procedural static code analysis Bodden
26.04 Call-graph construction Hermann
03.05 Points-to Analysis Bodden
17.05 Inter-procedural program analysis Bodden
24.05 Call-strings approach to context-sensitive analysis Bodden
07.06 Functional approach to context-sensitive analysis Bodden
14.06 Distributive analyses using IFDS Bodden
21.06 Distributive analyses using IDE Nguyen
28.06 SPLlift & VASCO Luo
05.07 CogniCrypt: demand-driven static analysis Bodden

Exercise / Lab schedule

There will be exercise / lab sessions on Friday mornings, except on May 11th and July 6th.

Lab assignments

Lab Hand out date Due date
L1 27.04.2018 11.05.2018
L2 18.05.2018 01.06.2018
L3 01.06.2018 15.06.2018
L4 22.06.2018 06.07.2018