The following course schedule is non-binding and may change at any time and without prior announcement.

Date Topic Lecturer
27.04.2017 Introduction and course outline Bodden
04.05.2017 Intra-procedural static code analysis Bodden
11.05.2017 Call-graph construction Bodden
18.05.2017 Points-to Analysis Bodden
01.06.2017 Inter-procedural program analysis Bodden
08.06.2017 Call-strings approach to context-sensitive analysis Bodden
22.06.2017 Functional approach to context-sensitive analysis Bodden
29.06.2017 Distributive analyses using IFDS Bodden
06.07.2017 Distributive analyses using IDE Bodden
13.07.2017 SPLlift & VASCO Krüger
20.07.2017 Android Taint Analysis & Demand-driven pointer analysis Bodden
27.07.2017 Recap Bodden