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Seminar: Cloud Computing and Software Services SS2014

Organizational matters

  • Seminar number in PAUL: L.079.08000
  • Masters modules: III.1.1, III.1.6, since 2009
    (for 2004: III.1.1 "Software-Technik I")
  • Credits (ECTS points): 4
  • Block seminar at the end of the semester (summer term 2014)
  • Maximum number of participants: 12

  • Hard prerequisites (mandatory to participate):

    • Bachelor's degree
    • registration via PAUL

  • Soft prerequisites (helpful, but not mandatory):

    • Course: Model-based Software Engineering
    • Course: Model-driven Software Development

  • Lecturers: Jun.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Steffen Becker (Room: ZM1.02-10) (consultation-hour: Monday, 1 p.m. - 2 p.m., please contact him per mail first)

Important dates

  • April 1st, 2014 - April 26th, 2014: Seminar registration via PAUL system
  • April 17th, 17.00 in ZM1.02-48*: Preliminary discussion
  • April 24th, 9.00 in ZM1.02-48*: Introduction to scientific working

Attendance at both meetings is mandatory!

The following dates have their deadline at 23:59 MEZ if no other time is given:

  • Friday, 25.04.: Abstract for preferred topic
  • Sunday, 25.05.: Outline and literature references
  • Sunday, 08.06.: Seminar thesis for review
  • Tuesday, 10.06.: Assignment of peer reviews
  • Sunday, 15.06.: Completed peer review
  • Sunday, 29.06.: Presentation for supervisor feedback
  • Sunday, 06.07.: Supervisor feedback: presentation
  • Sunday, 17.08.: Camera-ready version of thesis
  • Sunday, 24.08.: Supervisor feedback: thesis
  • Sunday, 31.08.: Final hand-in of thesis and presentations
  • TBA (21.07. - 01.08.): Presentations (block seminar)


    *) Zukunftsmeile 1 at the Fürstenallee.

    Examinational matters

    For examination you have to satisfy the above mentioned mandatory prerequisites, i.e.: Bachelor's degree and - in case you are enrolled in the Master's degree program from 2009 - exam registration in the examination office (or via PAUL if possible).

    There are two possible examination procedures depending on your Master's degree program. In either case, as part of your examination, you will have to

    • write a seminar report
    • give a presentation talk
    • meet the deadlines (see above)

    and will receive a grade.

    You are given 6 penalty points (more information on that is provided in the guidelines) which we reduce if you, for example, miss a deadline. These do not dircetly influence your seminar grade. But if they drop to zero, you fail the seminar examination (you'll get no confirmation of successful participation, in German: keinen Seminarschein).

    Differences between Master's programs

    In case of students who are enrolled in the Master's degree program from 2004, this will be your final grade for the seminar.

    In case of students who are enrolled in the Master's degree program from 2009, this grade is called "seminar pre-grade" and you will have to register this seminar and another course for an oral module examination. Similar to module examinations without seminars, an overall grade is determined for the seminar and another course. The seminar pre-grade, in this case, builds one third of the overall module grade.

    The module exam registration can be done after seminar participation. For the module exam registration you will receive a confirmation of your seminar participation (in German: Seminarschein) including your seminar pre-grade. You will have to add this confirmation to your module exam registration and to hand in both documents in the examination office.

    In the oral module exam you will be asked questions concerning your seminar topic as well as the topic that you had to cope with in your peer review.

    Seminar guidelines

    As a participant of this seminar you have to meet the above deadlines and follow the guidelines presented in one of the meetings. The presentation slides containing the guidelines are available for download:

    Seminar topics