Developing a Secure Voting App for the UPB Senate (for Android)

This topic can also be chosen for a Bachelor Thesis.

Status: assigned

Thesis description:


The university's senate is the university's highest democratic committee. The senate regularly votes on several issues related to university policy. Votes are anonymous. Currently, the votes are collected paper-based. The goal of this thesis project is to design, using a secure development lifecycle, a secure voting App for Android. The project will comprise the following steps:



  • Conduct a requirements and threat analysis for the to-be-developed app
  • Derive and document the app's architecture, particularly documenting how this architecture defends against the identified threats
  • Implement and test the app
  • Provide an end-user documentation

Skills required:

  • Experience in Android App development
  • Some understanding of a secure software development lifecycle is a plus


  • Thesis language is English or German.

Learning Outcomes:

  • A solid understanding of the secure software development lifecycle
  • A solid understanding of secure development in Android


Prof. Dr. Eric Bodden
Phone: +49 05251 606563
Room:  F1.125

Fachgruppe Softwaretechnik
Heinz Nixdorf Institut
Fürstenallee 11, 33102 Paderborn