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Seminar Secure Systems Engineering WS 2016/17


This seminar will cover various topics in Software and Systems Engineering as well as Software and Systems Security. Students are expected to prepare a seminar paper, to deliver a presentation, and to participate in a peer-review process of other students’ seminar papers. There will be an initial meeting in which seminar topics are announced and then allocated. Afterwards the students/groups meet mostly 1-on-1 with their topic supervisor. In the end there will be a block seminar in which presentations are delivered.

Organizational Matters

  • Course Number: L.079.08001 (in English)
  • Credits (ECTS points): 4
  • Block seminar at the end of the semester (winter term 2016/17)

  • Hard prerequisites (mandatory to participate):

    • Bachelor's degree
    • registration via PAUL

Important Dates

  • October 20th, 2016, 4.00 p.m. in ZM1.01-28: Prelimary discussion. Attendance mandatory! [Slides]
  • October 27th, 2016, 11.00 a.m. in ZM1.02-48: Introduction to scientific working. Attendance mandatory![Slides]

The following dates have their deadlines at 23:59 ME

  • Thursday, November 24th: Outline and literature references
  • Thursday, December 15th: Seminar thesis for review
  • Friday, December 16th: Assignment of peer reviews
  • Friday, December 23rd: Completed peer review
  • Sunday, January 15th: Presentation for supervisor feedback
  • Sunday, January 22nd: Supervisor feedback: presentation
  • TBA (30.1. - 3.2.): Presentations (block seminar)
  • Sunday, February 12th: Camera-ready version of thesis
  • Sunday, February 26th: Supervisor feedback: thesis
  • Sunday, March 12th: Final hand-in of thesis