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Holtmann, Jörg;Fockel, Markus;Koch, Thorsten;Schmelter, David;Brenner, Christian;Bernijazov, Ruslan;Sander, Marcel:

The MechatronicUML Requirements Engineering Method: Process and Language.

tr-ri-16-351, Dez. 2016


In this technical report, we present the MechatronicUML requirements engineering method. The method encompasses a process and a scenario-based modeling language for the documentation and analysis of requirements on the message-based interaction behavior of software-intensive systems. The modeling language uses a scenario notation based on Modal Sequence Diagrams (MSDs), which borrows concepts of UML Interactions as well as of Live Sequence Charts. Furthermore, we introduce the so-called Emergency Braking & Evasion System (EBEAS) as a running example, which is based on current and upcoming real-world driver assistance systems.





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