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Burmester, Sven;Giese, Holger;Niere, Jörg;Tichy, Matthias;Wadsack, Jörg P.;Wagner, Robert;Wendehals, Lothar;Zündorf, Albert:

Tool Integration at the Meta-Model Level within the FUJABA Tool Suite.

International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer (STTT) 6(3): S. 203-218, Aug. 2004


Today’s development processes employ a varietyof notations and tools, e.g., the Unified ModelingLanguage UML, the Standard Description LanguageSDL, requirements databases, design tools, code generators,model checkers, etc. For better process support,the employed tools may be organized within a tool suiteor integration platform, e.g., Rational Rose or Eclipse.While these tool-integration platforms usually provideGUI adaption mechanisms and functional adaption viaapplication programming interfaces, they frequently donot provide appropriate means for data integration atthe meta-model level. Thus, overlapping and redundantdata from different “integrated” tools may easily becomeinconsistent and unusable. We propose two design patternsthat provide a flexible basis for the integration ofdifferent tool data at the meta-model level. To achieveconsistency between meta-models, we describe rule-basedmechanisms providing generic solutions for managingoverlapping and redundant data. The proposed mechanismsare widely used within the Fujaba Tool Suite.We report about our implementation and applicationexperiences.


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