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Gräßler, Iris;Pöhler, Alexander:

Human-centric design of cyber-physical production systems.

In: Putnik, Goran D. (Hrsg.): Procedia CIRP - Proceedings of the 29th CIRP Design Conference, Nr. 84, S. 251-256, ISSN: 2212-8271, PROCIR-D-19-00344R1, DOI:, Póvoa de Varzim, 8. - 10. Mai 2019 CIRP (Centre for International Research in Production), Elsevier B.V.


Current developments of modern production systems mostly focus on technical solutions and often do not consider the integration of human stakeholders into the system. This paper investigates cyber-physical production systems from a human-centric perspective. The idea of cyber physical production system is evaluated concerning level of codetermination, participation, needed qualification, limitation and possible personal development. By identifying their weaknesses regarding human-centric design, implications for the design of modern production systems are derived. These implications are used for the practical implementation of dedicated requirements. Based on a change management driven approach production employees and engineers are involved in a collaborative way. Findings of the implementation regarding their applicability are used for the derivation of generalized design rules for the development of human-centric cyber-physical production systems.


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