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Gräßler, Iris;Hentze, Julian;Pöhler, Alexander:

Self-organizing production systems: Implications for product design.

In: 12th CIRP Conference on Intelligent Computation in Manufacturin Engineering, Nr. 79, S. 546-550, Gulf of Naples, 18. - 20. Jul. 2018 CIRP (Centre for International Research in Production), Procedia CIRP


Current developments in production systems and production control will lead to a significant change of their connection to product development. A representative example of these developments is the concept of self-organizing production systems. This paper focuses on appropriate changes of the development process evoked through recent developments in production. The paper summarizes process changes and opportunities for the development process, which include the vision of self-organizing production systems, its challenges and opportunities. Consequences are estimated for established development methodologies like the V-model and aspects of Systems Engineering.



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