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Feldotto, Matthias;Haake, Claus-Jochen;Skopalik, Alexander;Stroh-Maraun, Nadja:

Disaggregating User Evaluations Using the Shapley Value.

In: Proceedings of the 13th Workshop on the Economics of Networks, Systems and Computation (NetEcon 2018) (accepted), S. 5:1-5:6, Jun. 2018


We consider a market where final products or services are compositions of a number of basic services. Users are asked to evaluate the quality of the composed product after purchase. The quality of the basic service influences the performance of the composed services but cannot be observed directly. The question we pose is whether it is possible to use user evaluations on composed services to assess the quality of basic services. We discuss how to combine aggregation of evaluations across users and disaggregation of information on composed services to derive valuations for the single components. As a solution we propose to use the (weighted) average as aggregation device in connection with the Shapley value as disaggregation method, since this combination fulfills natural requirements in our context. In addition, we address some occurring computational issues: We give an approximate solution concept using only a limited number of evaluations which guarantees nearly optimal results with reduced running time. Lastly, we show that a slightly modified Shapley value and the weighted average are still applicable if the evaluation profiles are incomplete.



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