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Gräßler, Iris;Scholle, Philipp;Hentze, Julian;Oleff, Christian:

Semi-Automatized Assessment of Requirement Interrelations.

In: Marjanovic, Dorian;Storga, Mario;Pavkovic, Neven;Bojcetic, Nenad;Skec, Stanko (Hrsg.): Proceedings of the DESIGN 2018 15th International Design Conference, S. 325-334,, Mai 2018


Changing requirements have a broad impact on product development processes. In this paper, a novel approach towards structuring requirements is proposed. Based on a requirements list, interrelations of requirements are assessed semi-automatically by a rule basis. Here, generic interrelations funded on either physical fundamentals or working principles are recorded. By this approach, requirements structure matrices are derived semi-automatically. Combined with selecting critical requirements based on structured criterions, iterations due to changing requirements will be reduced.



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