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Li, Shouwei;Markarian, Christine;Meyer auf der Heide, Friedhelm;Podlipyan, Pavel:

A Continuous Strategy for Collisionless Gathering.

, Mrz. 2017, Full version of ALGOSENSORS paper


We consider continuous strategies for swarms of robots in the Euclidean plane. In such a strategy, each robot continuously observes its local neighborhood, and continuously adapts speed and direction following a local rule. We present two main results. The first defines a class of strategies, the contracting strategies, that perform gathering in time $O(nd)$, where $d$ is a diameter of the initial configuration. Several well-known strategies belong to this class. Our second result is about collisions in such strategies. We present a contracting strategy which ensures that no collisions occur. This strategy needs the robots to have some additional capabilities.





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