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Platenius, Marie Christin;, ;Becker, Matthias;Hüllermeier, Eyke;Schäfer, Wilhelm:

Imprecise Matching of Requirements Specifications for Software Services using Fuzzy Logic.

IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering 43(8): S. 739-759, Dez. 2016 - (presented at ICSE'17)


Today, software components are provided by global markets in the form of services. In order to optimally satisfy service requesters and service providers, adequate techniques for automatic service matching are needed. However, a requester’s requirements may be vague and the information available about a provided service may be incomplete. As a consequence, fuzziness is induced into the matching procedure. The contribution of this paper is the development of a systematic matching procedure that leverages concepts and techniques from fuzzy logic and possibility theory based on our formal distinction between different sources and types of fuzziness in the context of service matching. In contrast to existing methods, our approach is able to deal with imprecision and incompleteness in service specifications and to inform users about the extent of induced fuzziness in order to improve the user’s decision-making. We demonstrate our approach on the example of specifications for service reputation based on ratings given by previous users. Our evaluation based on real service ratings shows the utility and applicability of our approach.



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