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Fischer, Matthias;Jähn, Claudius;Meyer auf der Heide, Friedhelm;Petring, Ralf:

Algorithm Engineering Aspects of Real-Time Rendering Algorithms.

In: Kliemann, Lasse;Sanders, Peter (Hrsg.): Algorithm Engineering, LNCS, Band 9220 , S. 226-244, Dez. 2016, Springer, Heidelberg


Defining, measuring, and comparing the quality and efficiency of rendering algorithms in computer graphics is a demanding challenge: quality measures are often application specific and efficiency is strongly influenced by properties of the rendered scene and the used hardware. We survey the currently employed evaluation methods for AQ1 the development process of rendering algorithms. Then, we present our PADrend framework, which supports systematic and flexible development, evaluation, adaptation, and comparison of rendering algorithms, and provides a comfortable and easy-to-use platform for developers of rendering algorithms. The system includes a new evaluation method to improve the objectivity of experimental evaluations of rendering algorithms.



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