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Tran, Linh;Tichy, Matthias:

Empirische Evaluierung der konkreten Syntax von Echtzeit-Koordinationsprotokollen.

Bachelor Thesis, Department of Computer Science, Albert-Ludwigs-University of Freiburg, Jan. 2013


Innovation in cyber-physical systems is today largely driven by embedded software. Thus, appropriate approaches have to be employed to handle the complexity that results from the multi-discipline nature of these innovative cyberphysical systems. Modelica as modeling language specifically targets these multi-discipline systems. The UML profile ModelicaML combines the graphical notation of the UML with the sound formal modeling provided by Modelica. ModelicaML currently does not support modeling asynchronous communication which is increasingly required when cyber-physical systems have to coordinate their behavior. In this paper, we present our approach for Modelica code generation from ModelicaML state machines which have been extended by asynchronous communication. We illustrate our approach by an extended two tanks system that contains two distributed controllers which coordinate themselves by message exchange.





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