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Mahajan, Kiran;Laroque, Christoph;Dangelmaier, Wilhelm;Soltenborn, Christian;Kortenjan, Michael;Kuntze, Daniel:

d³FACT insight: A motion planning algorithm for material flow simulations in virtual environments.

In: Simulation and Visualization 2005 (SimViS), Band 1 , S. 115-126, 3. - 4. Mrz. 2005, SCS European Publishing House


Visualization has always played an important role in the analysis of material flow simulations. These days, commercial software is available to visualize such systems. Using these software, the user has to model and parameterize the simulation and finally view the simulation in a virtual environment. After analyzing the system, typically he might wish to carry out changes in the layout, parameters, etc of the simulation model which also includes determining new motion paths for objects like forklifts, automated guided vehicles, etc. This paper presents a motion planning algorithm which automatically determines the paths for such objects depending on the new model layout without colliding with other objects of the virtual factory. First the motivation is presented in a case study form to emphasize drawbacks of existing software. Then the algorithm is described on the highest level followed by details of the methodology. The paper concludes with future research and conclusions.


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