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Benter, Markus;Divband, Mohammad;Kniesburges, Sebastian;Koutsopoulos, Andreas;Graffi, Kalman:

Ca-Re-Chord: A Churn Resistant Self-stabilizing Chord Overlay Network.

In: Proceedings of the Conference on Networked Systems (NetSys), Mrz. 2013


Self-stabilization is the property of a system to transfer itself regardless of the initial state into a legitimate state. Chord as a simple, decentralized and scalable distributed hash table is an ideal showcase to introduce self-stabilization for p2p overlays. In this paper, we present Re-Chord, a self-stabilizing version of Chord. We show, that the stabilization process is functional, but prone to strong churn. For that, we present Ca- Re-Chord, a churn resistant version of Re-Chord, that allows the creation of a useful DHT in any kind of graph regardless of the initial state. Simulation results attest the churn resistance and good performance of Ca-Re-Chord.


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