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Burmester, Sven;Flake, Stephan;Giese, Holger;Schäfer, Wilhelm;Tichy, Matthias:

Towards the Compositional Verification of Real-Time UML Designs..

In: Proceedings of the 9th European Software Engineering Conference (ESEC 2003), S. 38-47, Helsinki, Finland, Sep. 2003, ACM Press, New York, NY, USA


Current techniques for the verification of software as e.g. modelchecking are limited when it comes to the verification of complexdistributed embedded real-time systems. Our approach addressesthis problem and in particular the state explosion problemfor the software controlling mechatronic systems, as we provide adomain specific formal semantic definition for a subset of the UML2.0 component model and an integrated sequence of design steps.These steps prescribe how to compose complex software systemsfrom domain-specific patterns which model a particular part of thesystem behavior in a well-defined context. The correctness of thesepatterns can be verified individually because they have only simplecommunication behavior and have only a fixed number of participatingroles. The composition of these patterns to describe thecomplete component behavior and the overall system behavior isprescribed by a rigorous syntactic definition which guarantees thatthe verification of component and system behavior can exploit theresults of the verification of individual patterns.


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