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Tichy, Matthias;Becker, Basil;Giese, Holger:

Component Templates for Dependable Real-Time Systems.

In: Proceedings of the 2nd International Fujaba Days 2004, Darmstadt, Germany, Technischer Bericht, Nr. tr-ri-04-253, Sep. 2004 Universität Paderborn


A general trend towards more complex technical systems canbe observed which results in an increasing demand for methodsand tools to develop dependable, high quality softwarefor embedded systems. The UML in principle provides theessential concepts which are required to model such complex,safety-critical software systems. In this paper, we describe acomponent template plugin for the Fujaba Real-Time ToolSuite which has been especially tailored to support faulttolerancetemplates such as triple modular redundancy. Wereport about the underlying concepts and the application ofthe plugin by means of an example.


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