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Becker, Steffen;von Detten, Markus;Heinzemann, Christian;Rieke, Jan:

Structuring Complex Story Diagrams by Polymorphic Calls.

tr-ri-11-323, Mrz. 2011


In model-driven software engineering, model transformations occur frequently, e.g., to transform platform independent models into platform specific models. Hybrid languages using imperative and declarative elements seem to be a promising approach as they integrate explicit control-flow with efficient matching. Story diagrams are such a hybrid model transformation language that combines UML activity diagrams and graph transformations in a graphical transformation language. Hitherto, story diagrams do not support structuring complex transformations into several independent story diagrams which can be called in a well-defined manner. This prevents rule reuse and hence significantly reduces the maintainability of the transformations. In this paper, we therefore extend story diagrams by explicit call activities that invoke other story diagrams and support polymorphic dispatching. We evaluate the benefits of such calls by revisiting an already implemented model transformation and discussing improvements due to our new call concept.




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