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von Detten, Markus;Rieke, Jan;Heinzemann, Christian;Travkin, Dietrich;Lauder, Marius:

A new Meta-Model for Story Diagrams.

In: Proceedings of the 8th International Fujaba Days, University of Tartu, Estonia, Mai 2011


Story-driven modeling (SDM) is a model-based specification approach combining UML activity diagrams and graph transformations. In recent years, the development in the SDM community led to many incompatible meta-models for story diagrams based on the same common concepts. The diversity of meta-models hindered the reuse of tools and limited synergy effects. In this paper, we introduce the new meta-model for story diagrams which was created in joint effort of the SDM community. The new EMF-based model integrates the recent developments and paves the way for the interoperation of SDM tools with each other and with EMF-based tools.




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