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Fockel, Markus;Heidl, Peter;Höfflinger, Jens;Hönninger, Harald;Holtmann, Jörg;Horn, Wilfried;Meyer, Jan;Meyer, Matthias;Schäuffele, Jörg:

Application and Evaluation in the Automotive Domain.

In: Pohl, Klaus;Hönninger, Harald;Achatz, Reinhold;Broy, Manfred (Hrsg.): Model-Based Engineering of Embedded Systems - The SPES 2020 Methodology, S. 157-175. Springer, 2012


This chapter summarizes the application and evaluation of the SPES engineering methodology in the automotive domain. After introducing the particular domain characteristics, we state some research questions that we have investigated. Some of the activities that address these research questions are presented in detail. We conclude that the SPES engineering methodology is a good basis for the development of automotive systems, but could be further refined to fit the particular needs of the domain.



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