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Greenyer, Joel;Rieke, Jan;Schäfer, Wilhelm;Sudmann, Oliver:

The Mechatronic UML Development Process.

In: Tarr, Peri L.;Wolf, Alexander L. (Hrsg.): Engineering of Software - The Continuing Contributions of Leon J. Osterweil, S. 311-322. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2011


The advanced functions of mechatronic systems today are essentially realized by software that controls complex processes and enables the communication and coordination of multiple system components. We have developed Mechatronic UML, a comprehensive technique for the model-based development of hybrid real-time component-based systems. Mechatronic UML is based on a well-defined subset of UML diagrams, formal analysis and composition methods. Vital for the successful development with Mechatronic UML, however, is a systematic development process, on which we report in this paper.



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