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Gehrke, Matthias;Steffen, Daniel;Tichy, Matthias:

Optimizing the Principle Solution for Mechatronic Systems.

In: Mechatronics & Robotics 2004 (MechRob 2004 (IEEE)), 13. - 15. Sep. 2004, Sascha Eysoldt Verlag, Aachen


The development of mechatronic systems becomes more and more complex. The cooperation of the different, involved disciplines allows a wide and difficult to handle range of solutions. Therefore, a systematic, practicable, and computer-supported procedure for the system design of a mechatronic system is necessary.In our approach, we have extended an established notation for the function-based design of mechatronic systems. Based on this design, a search algorithm acquires sets of possible solution pattern for given functions. These solution patterns can be mechanical components like springs or hydraulic actors, as well as special electronic components like FPGA’s, or software components like intelligent feedback controllers. All these patterns have different advantages, disadvantages, influences, and requirements. Thus, it is more or less impossible for an engineer to have all of them in mind and combine them to a new mechatronic system. Our approach therefore is based on a heuristic using domain specific knowledge to identify and optimize a good principle solution more or less automatically.


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