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Fischer, Matthias;Hilbig, Matthias;Jähn, Claudius;Meyer auf der Heide, Friedhelm;Ziegler, Martin:

Planar Visibility Counting (Extended Version).

, The Computing Research Repository (CoRR) , 2008,


For a fixed virtual scene (=collection of simplices) S and given observer position p, how many elements of S are weakly visible (i.e. not fully occluded by others) from p? The present work explores the trade-off between query time and preprocessing space for these quantities in 2D: exactly, in the approximate deterministic, and in the probabilistic sense. We deduce the EXISTENCE of an O(m^2/n^2) space data structure for S that, given p and time O(log n), allows to approximate the ratio of occluded segments up to arbitrary constant absolute error; here m denotes the size of the Visibility Graph--which may be quadratic, but typically is just linear in the size n of the scene S. On the other hand, we present a data structure CONSTRUCTIBLE in O(n*log(n)+m^2*polylog(n)/k) preprocessing time and space with similar approximation properties and query time O(k*polylog n), where k



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