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Dangelmaier, Wilhelm;Delius, Robin;Laroque, Christoph;Fischer, Matthias:

Concepts for Model Verification and Validation during Simulation Runtime.

In: European Simulation and Modelling Conference (ESM 2009), S. 49-53, 26. - 28. Okt. 2009 EUROSIS, EUROSIS-ETI


Modern companies are nowadays confronted with an increasing demand of multiple products, where they need to perform more flexible every day. Cost-intensive decisions are to be confirmed in short times, in order to minimize risks and secure efficient production programs as well as material flows. Tools for this digital planning via simulation methods are one well established possibility to receive decision support. Nevertheless, the creation of the necessary simulation models is a complicated and error-prone process, where complexity of modeling, validation and verification depends on the used tool and its functionalities. This paper presents implemented concepts for an innovative user support in his tasks of verification and validation of simulation models during the execution of a simulation run. Time-intensive procedures like stopping simulation, parameterization and restarting within the problem analysis are simplified. So the user is able to focus on the real problem solving task.


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