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Dangelmaier, Wilhelm;Fischer, Matthias;Huber, Daniel;Laroque, Christoph;Suess, Tim:

Aggregated 3D-Visualization of a Distributed Simulation Experiment of a Queuing System.

In: Winter Simulation Conference (WSCŽ 08), S. 2012 - 2020, 2008 IEEE, Omnipress


The paper describes an approach for an aggregated animation of a simulation experiment in an interactive 3D environment, visualizing multiple, distributed simulation runs. Although the general approach of a 3-dimensional visualization of material flow simulation helps to understand the dynamic behavior of a system better as well as faster, it remains unclear, how typical the animated simulation represents the model, if there is a stochastic influence for even some parameters. By the integrated visualization of multiple distributed simulation runs, this uncertainty can be solved, which will be shown in this paper for a typical simulation study of a queuing system.


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